Responsibilities as a corporate citizen

The Group established the Komeri Greenery Fund in 1990. Over the 25 years since the fundfs establishment, the Group has been using 1% of each yearfs profit as funding to continue greening activities for the regions, the development of infrastructures for the stable supply of goods in the event of disasters, and other social contribution programs aimed at cultural and social promotion.
1. The Komeri Greenery Aid Foundation
Initially, the Groupfs greening activities primarily consisted of the provision of subsidies. As the Group has opened stores over a wider area every year, expectations regarding the Komeri Greenery Fund have changed with the times. In view of these changes, the Group established a new public interest incorporated foundation called the gKomeri Greenery Aid Foundationh in 2012 and the foundation started its activities in the same year.
Under the aim of bringing more abundant greenery to the areas in which we live, the Komeri Greenery Aid Foundationfs activities consist of providing subsidies for local greening activities, helping to create a richer natural environment, supporting new technological development in the gardening and agricultural fields and supporting the development of human resources who underpin the future agricultural industry. The Group has also established the gKomeri Greenery Fund Volunteerh program, in which employees use their days off from work to participate and cooperate in regional greening activities carried out by kindergartens, childcare centers, elementary schools, junior high schools and others. To date, Our Groupfs employees have worked on a lot of greening activities with the people of local areas, helping to bring an abundance of flowers and greenery to these areas.
2. Support activities in times of disaster
As a corporate group engaged in distribution, in response to the frequent natural disasters in recent years, the Group considers its role in such times to be gresponsibility for the provision of materials,h and in 2005 the gKomeri Disaster Response Center NPOh was established as an infrastructure for emergency activities in the event of a disaster. In preparation for future natural disasters, the Group has entered into a lot of agreements with local governments and associations for the provision of materials in times of disaster. Furthermore, to strengthen cooperation with local governments, the Group participates in disaster response drills and other disaster training activities. The Group also plays an active part in exchanging information with local governments and associations by providing information through twice-yearly magazines and its website.
We have expanded its 1% social contribution activities from the initial greening program to those encompassing wider support to promote culture and society including research and development activities in the area of agriculture and providing materials in times of disaster.

Through these activities, the Group is fulfilling its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.